The Difference Between Spray and Roll-on Bedliners

If you’ve ever shopped for a new pickup truck, you’ve probably heard the phrases “spray bedliner” and “roll-on bedliner.” First, what is a bedliner, and what’s the distinction between the types? If you’re buying a truck, it’s important to know the difference between spray and roll-on bedliners.

Bedliner is used on the bed of a truck to protect the surface from damage from contents and to create a skid-resistant surface to keep cargo from sliding around. Most often, bedliners are made of plastic and fit into the bed, but liquid spray or roll-on liners are becoming more popular.

Applying spray liner is like using spray paint, which means it can look great when it’s done right, but it requires a lot of preparation to make sure it sprays on cleanly and evenly. The bed needs to be washed and sanded to create a smooth, even surface, and it has to be sprayed in specific, varying patterns to avoid some spots coming out darker than others. Spray bedliner tends to have a better anti-skid surface.

Roll-on bedliner is a less-exact science. Painting your bed with roll-on liner is just like using rollers to paint a wall, so there’s less of a chance of making a mess, though it is easier to miss spots with this method. You can mess up with roll-on bedliner and it will still look good when it dries. So, if you don’t feel like being meticulous, go with the roll-on.

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Spray and roll-on bedliners

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