How to Prepare Your Diesel Vehicle for Spring

How to Prepare Your Diesel Vehicle for Spring | Ashland, OH

Winter is finally over here in Ohio. As spring arrives, it’s important to get ready for the season ahead. Here are a few steps you need to take to prepare your diesel vehicle for spring.

Check your tires and axles

If you made the switch to winter tires, it is time to switch back to your all season set. Winter tires can wear out very quickly once the temperatures start to rise, so don’t delay this task. It’s also critical to examine the front axle components for wear and looseness.

Check your fluids and filters

Check out all of your vehicle’s fluids and change them out or top them off as needed. You should also inspect all of the filters to ensure optimal performance.

Plow truck inspections

If you used your truck as a snow plow, you probably had a lot of work this winter. Once you get the plow taken off, check your truck’s battery. It is also a good idea to inspect the brakes and transmission, too.


Now that the frigid temperatures are gone, many of us like to drive with the windows open for some fresh air. However, thinking ahead to summer, you need to get your air conditioning inspected now before you are stuck sweltering in a hot truck.

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