“Step Up Like A Pro” With the Most Revolutionary Tailgate Ever

"Step Up Like A Pro" With the Most Revolutionary Tailgate Ever | Ashland, OH

A big part of a pickup truck’s allure is its truck bed and tailgate, and GMC is proving to be tough to beat. GMC recently launched a new advertising campaign, “Step Up Like A Pro,” showcasing the world’s first six-function MultiPro tailgate. This revolutionary tailgate is offered in the next-generation Sierra, which arrives for the 2019 model year with bold power and grace.

The campaign “Step Up Like A Pro” inspires drivers to step up to the new Sierra, accepting its premium status in its segment and not settling for anything less. The MultiPro tailgate is a brand-exclusive feature that “signals landmark change to the industry” according to Rick Latek, director of GMC Marketing.

You may ask, what makes the MultiPro tailgate so remarkable? The new tailgate features “six functions and positions for enhanced second-tier loading, load-stop solutions and easier access to items in the cargo box.” The tailgate includes the following functions: Primary gate; Primary gate load stop; Easy access; Full-width step; Inner gate load stop; and Inner gate with work surface. The tailgate is incredibly versatile to meet a variety of needs; the primary gate, on the one hand, can be opened using the key fob, using a button inside the truck’s cabin, or by using a button on the tailgate itself, while the inner gate, on the other hand, can be used as a work surface or for second-tier loading.

Stop by Aber’s Truck Center to find out more about the MultiPro tailgate. You can also test-drive one of our GMC models. 

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