GMC Sierra MultiPro Tailgate Features Music Speakers

The new GMC Sierra offers drivers a highly-anticipated feature. The advanced MultiPro Tailgate offers up to six different configurations. These configurations include everything from a primary gate load stop to a full-width step that allows drivers to step up into the truck bed. Drivers can even fold the tailgate into a work desk. But, one of the MultiPro Tailgate features not often mentioned is the tailgate’s available speaker system.

Offered on MultiPro models, the Kicker Sound System turns a tailgate into a tailgate party. These speakers run independently from the truck’s interior sound system. Drivers can play music through either a USB port or with Bluetooth® wireless streaming and comes with functions like volume control on a control panel.

The Kicker Sound System does not require the engine or accessories to be turned on, instead using a low amount of power to enable hours of music. It also turns off automatically if drivers fold the inner gate shut. This MultiPro Tailgate feature is also said to be moisture and dirt resistant so drivers don’t have to worry about their speaker system being affected by exposure. It’s the perfect add-on for drivers who like to throw tailgate parties or go camping in the wild.

Learn more about the GMC Sierra MultiPro Tailgate at Aber’s Truck Center.

MultiPro Tailgate features

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